Affiliate vs. Partner

Here’s how to decide which program type works best for you and your business.
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CorpNet Partner Program

With our partner program you will have the opportunity to be a reseller or referral partner. As a reseller, you provide the tax advice, and CorpNet will prepare and file all the paperwork as per your preferences and specific instructions. CorpNet will ensure your success by offering you private label services, a dedicated account manager, and fast, reliable, accurate, and personalized services. As a referral partner, refer the client and we’ll do all the work and send you a check. Or, you can waive the commissions and “pass the savings” as a discount directly to your client.

This program is ideal for referring existing clients and people you know.

Learn more about the two partner program options ->

CorpNet Affiliate Program

When you become a CorpNet affiliate, you earn commissions by offering our products and services to your clients and website visitors. You’ll simply provide “affiliate” link on your website and when your visitors follow a link and purchase a service, you receive a commission. Our affiliate program is managed through ShareaSale.

This program is ideal for referring random website visitors.

Learn more about the affiliate program ->

Note: You cannot be both a partner and an affiliate. You must choose between the programs and participate in only one program at a time.

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